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3.01 MW Demonstration Wind Farm
Various Wind Energy technologies in Complex Terrain topography

Location: Lavreotiki, SE Attica, Greece

Wind Park photo
( Photo taken from the 100m high meteo-mast, situated NNW of the Wind Farm, before the nacelle installation of the -600 )

On-Line monitoring of the Wind Farm, using a mobile phone:
Send an SMS message with the character ? to +30 6944 560 987 and you will receive instantly the last 10min statitistics of the Wind Farm operation.

ANDROS: Long term data

C.R.E.S. maintains a series of meteorological masts, all over Greece, in order to assess the yearly variation of the wind. The Andros mast is among those having >80% data completeness, in terms of 10min average time-series.

The figure below shows how the mean monthly value of the present year is situated in comparison with the values, calculated by the entire set of data.

The distribution of the mean annual wind speed, in bins of 0.5m/s, is given below:

The historical variation of the annual mean wind speed is presented below (two years with data availability <50% are displayed in gray color):