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3.01 MW Demonstration Wind Farm
Various Wind Energy technologies in Complex Terrain topography

Location: Lavreotiki, SE Attica, Greece

Wind Park photo
( Photo taken from the 100m high meteo-mast, situated NNW of the Wind Farm, before the nacelle installation of the -600 )

On-Line monitoring of the Wind Farm, using a mobile phone:
Send an SMS message with the character ? to +30 6944 560 987 and you will receive instantly the last 10min statitistics of the Wind Farm operation.

Time refers to GMT+02:00 winter time (Greece)

Power variation (kW) of the Wind Farm and of each turbine

Wind speed and Nacelle positions

Polar Graph with Nacelle Position & Wind Speed

Power control

NEG-Micon has two (constant) rotor revolution speeds: 22rpm and 14rpm, depending the electrical generator used. Both OA-500 and OA-600 do not rotate at low wind speeds, unless the 1min-average wind speed exceeds 3.2m/s.

Energy contribution to the Wind farm per turbine

1) The nacelle orienation of both Vestas V47-660 and NEG-Micon is not correct due to sensor failure.
2) For various reasons (beyond CRES responsibility) both OA-500 and OA-600 are not operating anymore. "Repowering" is under consideration.
3) The energy production of the wind turbines should not be directly compared, due to the complex terrain topography, leading to different wind speeds at each turbine. The camparison can be done only after a "site calibration" procedure.
4) The produced power of the Wind Farm is measured at the MV grid (20kV). However, the power of each wind turbine is measured at the LV side (400-690V) and does not include each transformer's losses.